Programs in English

For questions concerning individual study programs, admissions to one of our universities, internships, etc., please contact the university of your choice directly. You can find a contact list here.

The following programs, taught in English, are offered by the universities in the State of Hessen:

TU Darmstadt

  • Distributed Software Systems (Master) [LINK]
  • Information and Communication Engineering (Master) [LINK]
  • International Cooperation in Urban Development (Master) [LINK]
  • Materials Science (Master) [LINK]
  • Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering (TropHEE) (Master) [LINK]

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

  • American Studies (Master) [LINK]
  • Anglophone Literatures, Cultures and Media (Master) [LINK]
  • Esthetic Dentistry (Master) [LINK]
  • Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (Master) [LINK]
  • International Economics and Economic Policy (Master) [LINK]
  • International Management (Master) [LINK]
  • Linguistics (Master) [LINK]
  • Finance (Master) [LINK]
  • Digital Transformation Management (Master) [LINK]
  • LL.M. Finance [LINK]
  • LL.M. Legal Theory [LINK]
  • LL.M. International Banking, Securities and Finance [LINK]
  • Pharma Business Administration (Master) [LINK]
  • Money and Finance (Master) [LINK]
  • Oral Implantology (Master, part-time) [LINK]
  • Physical Biology off Cells and Cell Interactions (Master) [LINK]
  • Science and Technology Studies in a Contemporary World, Economies, Governance, Life (Master) [LINK]
  • Southeast Asian Studies (Master) [LINK]
  • Transnational Trade Law and Finance (Master) [LINK]
  • Quantitative Economics, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Management, Quantitative Marketing, Law and Quantitative Economics (Master) [LINK]

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

  • Anglophone Studies (Master) [LINK]
  • International Law (LL.M.) [LINK]
  • Agrobiotechnolgy (Master) [LINK]
  • European Master in Comparative Vertrebrate Morphology (EUCOMOR) [LINK]
  • Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy (Master) [LINK]
  • Insect Biotechnology and Bioresources (Master in cooperation with TH Mittelhessen) [LINK]
  • Transition Management (Master) [LINK]
  • Choreography and Performance (Master) [LINK]

Philipps-Universität Marburg

  • Anglophone Studies (Bachelor) [LINK]
  • Economics and Institutions (Master) [LINK]
  • Economics of the Middle East (EMEA) (Master) [LINK]
  • Functional Materials (Master) [LINK]
  • International Political Economy (Master) [LINK]
  • North American Studies (Master) [LINK]
  • Peace and Conflict Studies (Master) [LINK]

Universität Kassel

  • Economic Behavior and Governance (Master)[LINK]
  • Electrical Communication Engineering (Master) [LINK]
  • European Master in Business Studies [LINK]
  • Functional Safety Engineering (Master) [LINK]
  • Global Political Economy (Master) [LINK]
  • International Food Business and Consumer Studies (Master in cooperation with Hochschule Fulda) [LINK]
  • Labour Policies and Globalisation (Master) [LINK]
  • Nanoscience (Master) [LINK]
  • Sustainable Food Systems (Master in cooperation with Hochschule Fulda) [LINK]
  • Sustainable International Agriculture (Master) [LINK]
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North America (MENA) Region (Master) [LINK]
  • Wind Energy Systems (Master) [LINK]

Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst

  • Contemporary Dance Education (Master) [LINK]

Hochschule Darmstadt

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Master) [LINK]
  • International Media Cultural Work (Master) [LINK]
  • Leadership in the Creative Industries (Master) [LINK]
  • Master of Business Administration [LINK]
  • Animation and Game (Bachelor) [LINK]

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

  • Urban Agglomerations (Master) [LINK]
  • Information Technology (Master) [LINK]
  • High Integrity Systems (Master) [LINK]
  • Aviation and Tourism Management (Master) [LINK]
  • Advanced Architecture - From Urban Design to Building Construction (Master) [LINK]
  • Computer Science (Bachelor) [LINK]
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor) [LINK]

Hochschule Fulda

  • Global Software Development (Master) [LINK]

Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

  • International Marketing (Master) [LINK]
  • Information and Communication Engineering (Master) [LINK]

Hochschule RheinMain

  • International Management (Master) [LINK]

Hochschule Geisenheim

  • International Wine Business (Bachelor) [LINK]
  • Vinifera EuroMaster [LINK]



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