The universities in Hessen provide you with a wide range of subjects. To get a first impression, please see the list of all degree programs. For details about a specific program, please contact the university of your choice directly.

There is no doubt that getting a handle on German – a language spoken by over 90 million native speakers around the world – is a major advantage to coming to Hessen to study, but fluency in German is no longer a prerequisite for many degree programs. This change has opened the doors for international students to gain access to Hessen universities before they’ve gained mastery in the language.

Feel free to browse our programs that are completely taugh in English and programs taught partially in English.

For students, who do not with to complete a full program in Hessen, but wish to get some insights into studying here, our short term programs might be interesting.




Hessen: International Summer Universities (ISUs) 

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Hessen:ISU Film



"The ISU program exceeded my expectations in many different levels. Besides being a very interesting academic situation, it’s also a great human experience.” 
(Hessen:ISU 2015 Participant)