University credits can be earned under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in most of the internationally recognised Bachelor and Master study programmes as well as in most of the summer programs offered.

All International Programs, Programs in English and International Summer Universities award credits.

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 Hessen universities, universities of applied sciences and academies offer a variety of degrees depending on the study program selected: e.g. specific German degrees, "Diplom", "Magister", "Staatsexamen", or the internationally recognized degrees "Bachelor" and "Master".


A first degree which can be taken in selected study programs at universities and universities of applied sciences following 3 to 4 years of study. In some study programs one has the opportunity to continue and complete a "Master" or "Diplom" degree.´

A degree taken after having completed a one to two year course following a first degree (e.g. Bachelor).

A degree in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, pharmacy and also to qualify as a teacher. In contrast to the other degrees, exam regulations are stipulated by the state.

The degree usually taken in the areas of engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, the performing arts and design. The degree is awarded by universities, academies and universities of applied sciences. 

The Magister used to be the most common arts degree taken at universities. In the past two decades, it has been replaced by Bachelor and Master programs.

Proof of having completed a course of further education not leading to one of the above mentioned degrees.



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"The ISU program exceeded my expectations in many different levels. Besides being a very interesting academic situation, it’s also a great human experience.” 
(Hessen:ISU 2015 Participant)